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Direct Systems Support (DSS) has built a world-class services organization around a multitude of recognized technology experts who specialize across all disciplines related to enterprise computing. Our elite team of engineers have decades of experience with a wide range of technology solutions, most notably SAP HANA.

DSS has been implementing and supporting BWA since 2006 and HANA since 2012 with deep GPFS technical skills – supporting GPFS solutions since 2005. To date, DSS has deployed or redeployed over 300 HANA nodes in both standalone and scale out configurations.

With a complete range of capabilities, DSS provides a fully integrated, highly optimized environment to ensure better results for an SAP HANA initiative. We enable higher business value by deploying next generation applications and analytics with a simplified IT landscape and real-time data. Our services for SAP HANA help organizations exploit data in real time to become more agile.

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